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Interior Design & Renovation Works


Sekrijaya Sdn. Bhd. has executed exceptional interior design and renovation works at LGI Technology, reaping substantial benefits for the company.

In our specialized focus on factory and office spaces, we ensured seamless compliance with regulations and guidelines, avoiding any disruptions during the project. Adhering to stringent safety standards and material restrictions in public buildings, we created a secure and visually appealing environment.

For office spaces, we prioritized LGI Technology’s corporate identity, infusing the brand essence into the premises. Meticulously considering departmental interactions, we optimized workflow and productivity. By emphasizing user experience and comfort, our designs fostered a positive work atmosphere.

Additionally, our future-proof approach accommodated the company’s expansion plans, providing optimal space utilization. The transformed interior reflects the brand’s essence, enhancing LGI Technology’s overall image and contributing to its success.

Project summary :

Sekrijaya Sdn. Bhd. executed exceptional interior design and renovation works at LGI Technology. Our specialized approach ensured compliance with regulations and guidelines, surpassing safety standards and material restrictions. We optimized departmental interactions, prioritized user experience, and future-proofed the spaces for seamless expansion. LGI Technology now enjoys an enhanced, secure, and productive environment.

"As the Co-Founder of LGI Technology, I am delighted to share my utmost satisfaction and appreciation for the exceptional interior design and renovation works carried out by Sekrijaya Sdn. Bhd. Their expertise and attention to detail have truly elevated our company's branding and overall business opportunities. The transformed interior has had a remarkable impact on our employees, providing a conducive and enjoyable workspace that has enhanced their productivity and well-being. The optimized workflow and seamless expansion readiness have boosted our operational efficiency and opened new doors for business growth. The incorporation of our corporate identity into the design has significantly strengthened our brand presence, leaving a lasting impression on our clients and partners. Our business has been uplifted with a more appealing and secure environment, attracting potential clients and generating new opportunities. I wholeheartedly recommend Sekrijaya Sdn. Bhd. to any company seeking professional and transformative interior design and renovation solutions. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to meeting our needs have been truly exceptional, and we look forward to future collaborations with them."

Bryan Chua
Co. Founder LGI Technology

Client details

LGI Technolgoy / Cleanmark Labels at Penang Malaysia.

service provided

Interior Design & Renovation

Project timeline

1 month designing, and 3 month for completion

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