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In collaboration with Landart Design Sdn. Bhd., the Interior Design & Renovation project for Osram Wafer Fabrication Plant (FEK2) Phase 1 of New AMs offices at Kulim High-Tech Park, Malaysia aims to revitalize the workspace. By combining an open-plan layout, modern aesthetics, and smart technology integration, the office will foster productivity and employee well-being. Sustainable practices and a dynamic color palette will create an inspiring and vibrant ambiance, encouraging innovation and collaboration. With ergonomic furniture and state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, the office will provide a premium modern experience. This transformative project sets a new standard for workplace design and reflects Osram’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Project summary :

Phase 1 of the Interior Design & Renovation at Osram Wafer Fabrication Plant (FEK2) New AMs Offices, Kulim High-Tech Park, Malaysia, transforms the space into modern amenities. The revamped interior, advanced equipment, and adherence to high standards deliver a premium experience for employees and visitors, reflecting OSRAM’s brand identity.

""We are immensely grateful to Sekrijaya Sdn. Bhd. for the outstanding Interior Design & Renovation works at our Osram Wafer Fabrication Plant (FEK2) New AMs Offices. The transformation is nothing short of exceptional, and it has truly elevated the workplace experience for our employees and visitors. The modern amenities, cutting-edge equipment, and adherence to high standards have surpassed our expectations. The collaboration with Landart Design Sdn. Bhd. resulted in a vibrant and inspiring ambiance that reflects our brand identity. We are extremely satisfied with the remarkable work done, and we commend Sekrijaya Sdn. Bhd. for their dedication and professionalism"

Jayakailash M.
Associate Manager - ams OSRAM

Client details

OSRAM AMs Phase 1
Osram Wafer Fabrication Plant (FEK2) at Kulim High-Tech Park, Kedah Malaysia.

service provided

Interior Design & Renovation

Project timeline

1 month designing, and 3 month for completion

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